How Your Life Is Like The Super Bowl – Todd

supwerbowl-50Super Bowl Sunday.  It’s a national holiday, of sorts.  Two teams, having battled for months to conquer other foes, now stand at the last epic battle that for many will be marked with pain, adrenaline, defeat and victory. 

I’m always impressed at the teams that make it to the big game.  This year, one seems to outweigh the other — not in pounds but in talent.  Yet one seems to have a deeper desire for the win and one appears more ready than the other.  Each team trains all year just for this moment.  One will win.  The other will be defeated (I leave you to sort out which team is which). 

I liken the Super Bowl to battles everyone face.  Battles of forging happiness.  Battles of seeking life-clarity and battles of just getting through another day.  It is in these battles that strength is built.  It is in these battles that character is chiseled.  It is in these battles that — while mostly unseen — God shows up and leads people to victory.

You need to prepare for these battles, though.  In my book ‘Refined‘, I wrote about a message I heard in which the pastor said when you’re in the battle, its too late to prepare for it.  That’s why God shows up — to lead you in the daily training which can ultimately lead you from defeat to victory.

I’ve seen seemingly hopeless marriages redirect and end up stronger than before.  I’ve seen poor health bring people to the edge of eternity, only to have a complete healing at the last minute.  I’ve seen people with little abilities become successful in all they do.  God shows up and does extra ordinary things.

This weekend might be one of those.  The underdog might vanquish the top barker.  Or an unknown player might become this years shining star.  Who knows?  I’m just happy to watch excellence play out on the field of my favorite sport. 


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