032: How Your Past Leaves Clues To Your Future – Todd Stocker.com

your past and future.001Ever wonder what your next career move should be?  On today’s episode, I recall a conversation with a young professional about how your past leaves clues to your future. 


My friend has spent the last few years studying himself by taking personality profiles, assessing past successes and failures and sensing that God was moving him into the next chapter of his future. 

Basically, he read his life backwards.  In doing so, he realized that any change that he made or that moved him into a new area of life was preceded by a period of discontent.  That illustrates the truth:

“An irritated oyster produces the pearl.”

Do you do that?  Do you look to your past to see where you should be going?  You should because your past leaves clues to your future. 

My encouragement is to review your life.  Read your life backwards.  Tom Patterson and Max Lucado talk about this.  Lucado’s book, “Cure for the common life” is a must read.

In fact the first step in a process I call discovering, developing and deploying your purpose is to discover what that purpose is.

About your past, ask, “what experiences have I really enjoyed?” “When I changed jobs, what led to that change?” “What am I doing now that I enjoy that is a common thread in my past experience?”

If you need help navigating, I may be able to help.  Just click here to connect with me.


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