Best Practices: Never Stop Learning – Todd

neverstoplearning.001As I write this, I’m sitting on the patio of a cantina in Phoenix, Arizona watching God paint another masterpiece sunset in the dusty, desert sky.  I’m filled, right now — not with the chips and salsa that seems to appear without invite, but with my thoughts after the first day of the Best Practices for Ministry conference. 

2000 church workers crammed on the spacious campus of a church/school, I edged my way through the crowd, stopping occasionally to enter into conversations with current colleagues  and even past college roommates, all who have a passion to show the world the hope that is in Christ. 

There are many unspoken purposes of this conference but one that I noticed and appreciated came in a session hosted by my friend, Steve Young.  While Steve shared his experience working in different churches,  I took notice of a group of guys who were frantically writing notes and asking questions.   They were well into their grey-haired years.  

The point?  They were still learning.  Age was not their barrier.  Energy was not their enemy.  They still wanted to learn.

You never stop learning — or I should say, you should never stop learning.  I’ve seen many in my industry who have reached a moderate level of success and feel there isn’t anything else to know.  They’ve arrived.  They’ve conquered past Goliaths.  They know one method that worked in the past and they templated the future with it. 

Is that you?  Are you done learning or are you intentional about it?  Do you have a plan to learn more about your customer or your staff or your product applications?  Do you have the courage to change?  (That’s a big one).

No matter what industry you play in, you’re not done learning.  There are always new things to try.  There are always different approaches to apply unchanging truth.  Wisdom and success favors the hungry. 

Never Stop Learning.


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