033: The One Thing All Leaders Should Never Stop Doing [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

old-man-readingAfter attending a conference, I realized one thing that great leaders do that keeps them fresh and energized for leadership.  I talk about it on today’s podcast.


Last week, I went to the Best Practices for Ministry conference in Phoenix.  2000 church workers and leaders were crammed on the spacious campus of a church/school,

There are many unspoken purposes of this conference but one that I noticed and appreciated came in a session hosted by my friend.  In the session, I took notice of a group of guys who were frantically writing notes and asking questions.   These leaders were well into their grey-haired years. 

The point?  They were still learning. 

So one thing all leaders should never stop doing is learning

4 ways to keep fresh and take your life to the next level:

  1. Read or listen to books in your industry. Again go to toddstocker.com/Audible. 
  2. Go to Conferences.  I suggest at least one per year. 
  3. Youtube subscriptions.  Don’t overload just find 3 leaders in your industry or your interest area.
  4. Take action on one thing you learn. 

No matter what industry you play in, you’re not done learning.  There are always new things to try.  There are always different approaches to apply unchanging truth.  Wisdom and success favors the hungry.


What do YOU think?

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