The Strongest Muscle In Your Body Isn’t What You Think. – Todd

tongue_musculeArnold Schwarzenegger.  Samson. The Rock.  Ken Paterra.  These are some of the strongest men known to history.  Their muscle strength — in their day — rivaled any challengers and they sat confident in their ability to take on and beat any opponent who would dare pose for a brawl.

Yet, while the arm or thigh diameter of these herculean monsters were impressive, you have a muscle that is stronger than all of them put together.  No, its not your 6-pack.  No, its not your calf muscle.  Its your tongue.

Yup.  That little fleshy thing that is swimming around in your mouth right now.  Think about it.  While a punch to the gut hurts for a while, the cut of a misplaced word can rip into the heart of someone you love.  That injury may or may not heal.  That offense not only hurts mentally and emotionally, but psychologists and neuro-linguistic researchers affirm that it also affects you physically. 

The Bible says,

“We can make a large horse go wherever we want by means of a small bit in its mouth.” James 3:3. 

Now that is power.

On the opposite side, however, the strong muscle of the tongue can change lives for good.  It is the kind word of encouragement that strengths the soul of the downtrodden.  It is the speaking of clarity that gives light and understand to those lost and confused.  It is the loving chide that redirects a life that is going off course.  

So today, chose to use your strong muscle called the tongue to speak life into others.  Lift them up with the positive and not negative.  In doing so, you give life even to your own heart.  Your attitude will change and your day will go in a direction you never thought possible.  

Flex the positive power of your tongue. 

(I recorded a podcast talking about this very thing.  Click Here)


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