Do You Disconnect To Reconnect? – Todd

disconecctreconnect.001I recently started a closed Facebook group for my ‘Take Back Your Life’ community (click below).  These folks are new ‘voices’ that I already love.

Yesterday, I asked the group what a weekend looks like for them and one of the ‘Lifers’ — that’s what I call us — said that weekends were her time to disconnect to reconnect.  Fleshing that out, she meant that she disconnects from work to reconnect with family and friends. 

Beautiful thought.  Disconnect to Reconnect.  Disconnect from a crazy routine.  Disconnect from the slaving 9-to-5.  Disconnect from chaos, boredom, and meaninglessness to reconnect to calm, fun and purpose. 

Good advice — advice I need to practice because in my love for ideas, leadership and creativity, I tend to work 24/7.  Disconnecting gives me the opportunity to be refreshed, encouraged, and intentionally hit a ‘reset’ on my thoughts and relationships.  

It’s what Jesus did.  He disconnected from the crazy to reconnect to his Father.  He disconnected from divinity to reconnect with humanity, all the while embodying both.  

Disconnect to Reconnect.  Its a great model for healthy living.  How do you ‘disconnect to reconnect’?

To request to be a part of the new ‘Take Back Your Life’ Facebook group, click the image below.


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