037: 5 Things That Rob Passion In Life And How To Get It Back [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

copyright Chris Real
copyright Chris Real

Have you lost passion for life?  Are you bored with the daily grind and want to know why?  This episode identifies 5 things that could be robbing your passion and how to do something about it.


What robs us of our passion for life?:

  1. Hurried schedule – Being busy vs being hurried.  When we overload our schedule and we end up rushing from one event to the other, that’s when we get in trouble.
  2. Financial worries – Each year more than a million people file for personal bankruptcy.  The average amount of credit card debt per cardholder: $5,700 in 2015.
  3. Past Failure – Many of us have a fear of failure.  What plays into that failure is usually a past failure.  Failure isn’t a label, it’s an event.  You may have failed at that business venture, but you are definitely not a failure.
  4. Lack of balance –  When you are spending all of your time, energy or focus on one part of your life, you are stealing time, energy and focus on another area.  Often the area that gets gipped is your family.  I know many guys – especially – that ‘sacrifice their family on the altar of work’.
  5. Sickness – First, there’s physical sickness.  I’m not talking about a cold once in a while, but a chronic ailment that never seems to go away.  Maybe you’re overweight.  Maybe you have a back pain.  Maybe it’s more serious.  Maybe it’s a lifelong disease, cancer, physical deformity.  Often this robs us of the joy in life.  Then there’s emotional sickness.  When you feel there’s something going on emotionally, it can make you feel physically sick.  Stress is an example of this.  What happens to your shoulder muscles?

How to get passion back:

Discover, Develop and Deploy

  1. Discover your wiring and your likes.  Surveys about your work-style and personality help.
  2. Develop your strengths. Learn about your likes and your strengths.
  3. Deploy them into the world.  This is where you really come alive and regain your passion!

The world needs what you can uniquely bring to the table. 

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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