When the Sacred becomes the Sacrifice – Todd Stocker.com

good_friday_sacred_sacrifice.001Many things of faith and life I don’t understand.  I don’t understand how the world ‘popped’ into being at the gentle whisper of an almighty deity.  I don’t understand why some people can love others deeply even when they don’t love them back.  I don’t understand why we can’t talk to animals or how gravity works.  Maybe you do and I’m cool with that.

But what I really don’t understand what God was thinking when he set up his salvation plan.  Its a churchy phrase, I know, but if I were God, I’m not so sure the plan of salvation would include Sacrifice — read ‘death’ — of myself.   I’m a wimp at heart — most of us are save the brave who defend our lands — so to have on my planning calendar “Friday:  allow torture, crucifixion and die of a broken heart” just wouldn’t happen.

Yet it is what happened when the Sacred became the Sacrifice.  It is what happened when the Christ became the Crucified.  It is what happened to pay for that which no one else could afford. 

There isn’t enough money, status, popularity or fame to pay the price tag for life.  Life itself is the bargain.  Take it or leave it.  Life given means life received.  And when the Sacred becomes the Sacrifice, then it truly is a Good Friday. 


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