Today You Guard My Heart – Todd

guard heart my.001Your heart is in a cross-hair.  Your heart is the mission of destruction for another.  Your heart is singled out by the enemy of all that is good and he partners with the part of you that pushes against wholeness and peace. 

The attacks come in unexpected waves.  The negative side-comment about your abilities by someone you love.  The internal comparison birthed by your envious pride that wants to be the best at all costs.  The grave-digging that happens when you think about the woulda, coulda, shoulda of the past.  All of these attack and overtake your peace. 

Maybe, for you, that’s today. 

Your heart is broken.  Your emotions wrecked.  And the small tear is ripped wide by the incessant rehearsal of what was said to, around, and about you. 

Yet all is not lost.

All is not abandoned.

Once the emotions — depressed or angered — subside and reasons crawls back onto center stage, you can repair your heart in partnership with the breath of the Spirit.  On the days when you feel crushed, you are not destroyed.  Through the nights of sleeplessness when death seems preferred, life takes hold.  In the moments when you are confused about your job, your family, your purpose in this world, you do not need to be without hope. 

The simple prayer, “God, today, guard my heart” encourages two barricades: one of his hedging and one of his comfort.  You do not want to see what destruction was planned by your enemy that God’s intelligence thwarted.  I shudder to ponder it.  But that which does lobs high over the walls of your strength is allow by God so he can continue or clarify his purpose in you. 

Guard your heart.  Take the assaults as opportunities for re-strengthening.

“We are pressed but not crushed …” – Paul, the Apostle


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  1. Brilliant piece.I resonate with the last statement…”Take the assaults as opportunities for re-strengthening”…..I am reminded of this saying from the wisest man that ever lived, “Keep your heart with all vigilance, for out it flows the issues of life!”

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