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chosehappy(The inspiration for this post comes from a comment make by my free Facebook groupYou can request to be a part of it here).

For me, spring changes everything.  The weather warms.  The birds rehearse their symphonies.  The ground reveals its growing hidden treasures.  The season lifts my spirits and makes me happy in a way that is unique. 

As wonderful as it is, I realize the environmental changes are external to me.  They happen outside of me and I react to them — in essence, making me a slave to their movements.  But did you know that there is a way to experience ‘Happy’ –beginning on the inside?  Did you know there are some simple practices that will change your attitude almost instantly.

Here are a few:

  • Shift Your Focus.  Most of us tend to let our attention drift to the small percentage of things that are going wrong in our lives.  When you’re feeling blue, shift your focus to that which is going well.  Sometimes, I write them down on paper.


  • Force A Smile.  Studies show that your physiology can affect your psychology.  When you feeling down, smile and make sure you show teeth.  When you do this in public, you’ll be amazed at how many people smile back at you.


  • Pray.  Praying activates a part of your brain that forces negative emotions to run and hide!  Praying helps you understand that there is someone bigger than you who has way more control over your circumstances than you do. 


  • Eat Clean.  Processed and ‘fake food’ stimulates your system momentarily but then drops you low on the emotional scale.  Eat greens and healthy meats to cleanse your system and positively affect your emotions.  Combine eating clean and exercising and you have a winning combination!


  • Choose Happy.  I know.  That’s the title of this post.  But when you tell yourself, “I Choose Happy,” you are making a commitment not to be weighed down by the emotions that are attached to external events.  When you make this kind of commitment, you are able to approach difficult work less emotional and more solution based!

Comment below on how you “Choose Happy.”


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(The inspiration for this post comes from a comment make by my free Facebook groupYou can request to be a part of it here).

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