042: 6 Steps In Making A Job Pivot [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

making the job pivot.001Are you ready to make a change?  Are you wanted to make a job pivot?  Here are a few guiding steps that will help get you going.


Step 1: Pray.  Seriously.  God is waiting to pour direction and guidance over your entire plan. 

• First pray for wisdom (James 1:5)

• Second pray for direction.  (Each verse of Proverbs 16 has leadership lessons in it.  I’m actually wanting to write a leadership book based on the 33 principles)

Step 2: Really take time and identify WHY you would want to venture out on your own.  Process all the positives that sync up with your experience, family relationships and personal well-being.  This will be your anchor when the winds of doubt, fear and opposition blow against your entrepreneurial passion.  Don’t list any negatives in this step. 

Step 3: Envision what your ideal situation would be.  In other words, get a mental picture of your situation.  The is the WHAT of your idea.  Here are some statements that help: 

• “When I am running the IT Security Business, I am … ”

• “When I complete a week, I will feel …”

• “I am adding value to people through my business by …”

Step 4: Create a realistic, transition timing plan.  This is the HOW of the transition, not the new business.  This step requires some tactical and strategic thinking, at which you’re already good.  

Step 5: Figure out how much it takes monthly for your family expenses not family spending.  It is this number that is, what I call the MATS level – Minimum Acceptable To Spouse.  

Step 6: Do something people oriented within the sphere of the new venture.  You could put on a free seminar or youtube series for businesses on the basics of IT Security for example.  This would establish you as an expert in the industry. 




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