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grief given to help othersComing up on seven years ago, I lost my precious Makenzie.  Suddenly taken, I was suddenly shaken; set adrift in an ocean that I didn’t want to sail.  It took me several years to find emotional land again and when I did, I had to deal with the ‘Why’ question with which most of us struggle. 

“Why did this have to happen?”

Sometimes you wonder why hurt tragedy and loss arrive on your doorstep.  Like a packaged delivered by an unknown enemy, you are forced to take it in, open it, and deal with the contents of its abuses.  Even after the ache of the offenses, you are left wondering why it was necessary?

There is an answer.  I experienced that answer moments ago as I sat around a table with a family whose 22 year-old daughter was taken from them by a distracted driver only 6 weeks past.  They shared their hurt with me and I nodded.  They talked about their girl who was friendly and strong and someone with whom you’d want to love and I smiled.  They talked about the new normal in which they were being forced to live and I understood because I’d been there, in that boat, navigating the seas on which this beautiful family now sailed.   

And that’s the answer.

Tragedy, pain, loss, hurt.  All are experienced  and comforted by Jesus so that we could help others navigate a similar experience.

“He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.” – 2 Corinthians 1:4

You are not alone in your grief.  That which you are fighting has been fought by others.  That which you suffer has been suffered by many.  There are those in your church, family and community that are given to you by the Master to help.

Ask around.  Trust in God.  I’ll bet you’re staring your comforter right in the face.


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  1. Pastor Todd!

    Love this! While just slightly different, I (family) too experienced the tragic loss of loved ones (both parents simultaneously) in a car crash, now 20 years ago. When I think back of the years and connections, comfort I received, and have subsequently have given others. I guess pay it forward. Yur words so clearly state the “why”. Thank you for this “ah ha”!
    Thank you.

  2. Todd, Thank you so much for sharing. You and Kelly were in our thoughts last night in regards to your family loss, and this blog appeared this morning. We were studying this morning about staying strong amidst unanswered prayer. God’s ways are so different than ours, and we praise him and thank him for that. Stay strong. Gods continued Peace, Steve and Sue R.

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