It’s Out Of Your Hands – Todd

tumblr_m7s231hw8e1qi23k0o1_1280Yesterday, I had medical tests done as part of my health schedule.  I’m not a huge fan of going to clinics, but I know that it is necessary for keeping the body that God gave me running smoothly. 

As they were poking me and trying to find my veins that tend to run away from needles, I kept thinking how ‘out of control’ I felt.  I had to trust that the training and experience of the nurse and doctor, coupled with the Spirit’s guidance, would be enough to accomplish what needed to be done. 

“It’s out of my hands” was what rumbled through my noggin. 

How much of life do you try to control?  All — Part — None? 

Truthfully, you come alive when you have a sense of progress and control, but realistically, there are times when you should simply trust. 

Its difficult to do when you lying on a stark white clinic bed or fumbling through a relational breakdown.  But it is in these exact moments when faith operates the strongest.  It is these exact times when reason gives way to hope and stubbornness steps aside to let peace shine. 

What are you trying to control that God is asking you to release?  Maybe he’s whispering, “It’s out of your hands, but it’s always in mine.”

“When I am afraid, I will put my trust in you.”  Ps. 56:3


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