Are You Jumping? – Todd

jumping.001“Don’t jump to conclusions—there may be a perfectly good explanation for what you just saw.” Proverbs 25:8

I like my early mornings.  Before the sun crawls above the horizon, I’m normally in my place reading, praying, reflecting and writing.  Usually it is a peaceful, refreshing time but not this morning. 

Because of my reading, I have been convicted.  Maybe ‘convicted’ is too strong a word.  I have been challenged in what I find myself doing and you do it to.  “Jumping to Conclusions.” 

In the four simple words of Proverbs 25, God gave me peace, because often, the conclusions to which I jump are not ‘good for all mankind’ but ‘worst case scenario’.  The beauty in what this proverb reveals is I don’t have to assume the worst, I can rest on the potentiality of the best.

Watch yourself today.  How often do you ‘make the jump’?


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