047: How To Turn A Disaster Into An Opportunity [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

667F5882-2557-44A7-9D84-DF663B7D8E9CHow do you respond to disasters? Do they sink you or are you able to see them as a potential opportunity? Today, I tell a story about meeting a brilliant fisherman who taught me a great perspective.


I met a fisherman at the banks of a flood.  I commented how disastrous it could be.  He just smiled at me and said,

“When it floods. It brings the fish closer”

Based on that statement, the key idea and the key way to turn a seeming disaster into an opportunity

  • Change your Perspective on the meaning of the disaster.
  • Ask “What is the opportunity?”

John Templeton took the strategy of “buy low, sell high” to an extreme, picking nations, industries, and companies hitting rock-bottom, what he called “points of maximum pessimism.” When war began in Europe in 1939, he borrowed money to buy 100 shares each in 104 companies selling at one dollar per share or less, including 34 companies that were in bankruptcy. Only four turned out to be worthless, and he turned large profits on the others.

B3C3FA98-65C3-45D0-BB17-B557C68202A7If you get laid off from your job, what is the opportunity that this disaster presents? Starting your own business?  Maybe staying at home with the kids? 

Disasters are tough, there is damage, but remember that all is not lost. 

In the bible, Paul says that all things work out for the good of those who love God….  basically that means that whatever seems to be a set back, a dead end or a disaster, ultimately can be worked out for good as you turn disasters into opportunities. 


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  1. Thank you for the reminder to change perspective. As I struggle with the most difficult decision in my child’s life I am trying to remain positive ….optimistic…..hopeful Trusting God.

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