Memorial Day – The Unfathomable Sacrifice – Todd

memorial day heros war.001“The atrocities of war are only overshadowed by the heroism of their dead.” (Tweet that)

As we lean into the Memorial Day weekend, our thoughts are on the time off, the friends gathering, the grilling, boating, and lounging.  Many are speeding to the cabin or to family a state away.  All of us look forward to this weekend because of the breath it affords before we being the summer. 

Yet, as we all know, there is a bigger, deeper, more epic meaning to Memorial Day.  It is the day we remember those millions of men and women who’ve stepped in the line of fire, taken the hit, protected, served and sacrificed their very lives to make sure America stays America. 

I’ve never been on the field of battle.  I’ve never held a military issue weapon, point it at another who’s doing the same to me and pulled the trigger out of fear, training, and duty.  My spirit can’t comprehend the colors, smells and images that sear into those who, willingly or not, step forward to defend my freedoms.  And finally, I don’t know what it’d be like to wake up every dusty morning, kiss a picture of my family and wonder if this is my last day this side of heaven. 




… but ultimately, Sacrifice. 

It is the golden principle of love.  Giving your life for others. 

So this memorial day, spend at least one moment giving thanks for the heroism that secures liberty.  Think of those who didn’t know when their last breath would be and praise God for the freedom he gives all humanity through the sacrifice of his son, Jesus.

There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13


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