048: Why Golf Great Byron Nelson Is One Of My Heroes [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

byron_nelson_golfWho are your heroes and why do you look up to them. Maybe it’s their leadership. Maybe it’s some great accomplishment. Today, I tell you a surprising reason why golf great, Byron Nelson, is one of my heroes.


John Byron Nelson, Jr. (February 4, 1912 – September 26, 2006) was an American professional golfer between 1935 and 1946, one of the greats not only in his day but over the history of the sport.

Nelson and two other legendary champions of the time, Ben Hogan and Sam Snead, were born within seven months of each other in 1912.[1][2] Although he won many tournaments in the course of his relatively brief career, he is mostly remembered today for having won 11 consecutive tournaments and 18 total tournaments in 1945 (from Wikipedia).

He retired at age 34, was a commentator, and poured into other young golfers and just enjoyed his life all the way till his death in 2006 at age of 94.

Kellie and I got to know his wife, Peggy.  She shared three great things about the man, Byron Nelson:

He lived simply

He loved deeply

He laughed unapologetically


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