051: The Secret 12 Hour Rule [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

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Have you ever been sidelined because of a criticism or grew a false sense of pride because of a compliment? This secret rule can help you handle both failure and success in a positive and motivating way.


I struggle with something that I know others do as well:  Handling criticism.  

I could have 9 compliments and 1 criticism.  What do I focus on.  What ruins my day?  The one criticism.  

In the podcast, I give an example of a recent keynote speech I delivered and what became of the feedback.

On the opposite side, I sometimes get fixated on a success!  If I stay in the moment of success, I miss opportunities that may present themselves for something greater. 

Ref:  Jim Collins’ book ‘Good To Great’.

Here’s the secret 12 hour rule:

When you lose, you have 12 hours emotionally to cry, throw a tantrum, be mad etc.  Then you have to get back to work.  

Benefit:  You don’t wallow in the loss.  

On the other side is this.  When you win, you celebrate and talk about it and have fun with the win emotionally, but after the 12 hours, you get back to focussing and moving forward.   This it a bit looser because you really want to cultivate positive emotions 

The Benefit:  It didn’t turn into pride.  “A humble team is a winning team.”


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