052: Podcast Anniversary!  7 Lessons Learned Over One Year – Todd Stocker.com

oneyear.001After one year of Podcasting, I share some of the lessons learned as I’ve been developing the “Take Back Your Life” Podcast.


Lessons learned:

1. I love it!

Creating content, thinking about is helpful to you and the whole weekly process has changed the way I think and even prepare for my normal weekly speaking.  

2. It’s harder than I thought. 

When I started, I thought i’d record an episode and call it good.   It’s much harder!  

The production piece isn’t.  (The resources I use are at the bottom of this post). 

My struggle has been focus.  What is my core message on the podcast?  My blog is much more devotional if you read my blog.  Biblical perspectives, life application and random musings on the beauty of life… thats my blog.

Key episodes:

047, how to turn disaster into an opportunity

042, six steps to making a job pivot

010 3 ways to enjoy your job

3. I need to work ahead.

One of the things that makes podcasting difficult is figuring out what to talk about week in and week out.  

The ‘Content Calendar’ has really helped!  

4. It has helped focus my thoughts.

If you listen closely to the first episodes, you’ll notice I have lots and lots of edit spots.  

I feel I’m beginning to get my stride in that I’m slowing down and being more intentional about what I think and what I say.  

5. Consistency matters.

I haven’t missed a week yet.  It’s been difficult but what I’ve learned is that even if it’s a short episode like episode 43 when I basically read a blog post about my daughter Makenzie’s death, you, the listeners appreciate and expect the episodes.  I miss other podcasters when they skip so I’m committed to every week, providing helpful content to you.  

6.  The show notes are important. 

So how many of you, right now are listening to this podcast while you’re driving.. or running .. or out and about?  I found that the show notes have been helpful for many of you because all of the resources I mention and extra links are on the show notes.  

7. Listener feedback is critical!  

I don’t want to do a podcast that isn’t helpful.  That doesn’t make sense.  I take every comment I get seriously and over this past year, I conducted a few surveys on topics etc.  


What do YOU think?

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