053: 3 Tips To Enjoy Your Vacation – Todd Stocker.com

vacation.001Chances are, you have just returned from or are planning to go on a vacation before the new school year begins.  How do you enjoy your vacation and make the most of your time away?  Here are 3 tips.


Statistics show that late July and early August are the highest times for people to take vacations.  If you’re like me, you look forward to the time away from the daily norm.   They recharge me.  They refresh me.  They allow me time to think at a higher level than in the day-to-day.  I believe that vacations are a sacred thing because the Bible teaches that there are seasons of work and seasons of rest (Ecc. 3:1-8).

How do you have a great vacation?  3 tips: 

First, determine the purpose of the vacation. 

The reason this helps make a great vacation is it helps keep you from the “What do you want to do today” syndrome.  It gives direction for relaxation and it helps you not miss an opportunity that is lined up with the purpose of the vacation.

Don’t get to detailed.  No hourly plans.  

Second, be in the moment.

“in the moment” means to be observant of what’s happening around you.  If you’re at the lake with the kids, watch them play in the water.  Figure out how to invent a new game with them or make a twist on an old game like playing tag.  

The problem for many of us a while to mentally leave work and be on vacation! Or we bring work with us.  Honesty check for me.  I always do this.  Because I’m a writer, I always have my laptop with me.  So here’s what I’ve done the past few vacations.  I’ve schedule media time (this is actually good to do for with your kids). For me, it’s no different from the work week… even on vacation, i’m up early writing.  But then I put it away… or try to.  I’ve given my wife permission to call me out on this. 

Be in the moment  not on the media.

Third, during your vacation, take time to learn something new about God.  Just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean that you’re away from God.  He is always with you.  As you experience new environments, people and events, ask yourself “What does this experience teach me about God’s love?  What can I appreciate and thank God for during my vacation?”  You’ll be surprised by the sense of joy that wells up from inside when you begin your vacation mornings looking at nature or family and saying, “Thank You Lord for providing so much for me!”  Asking these types of questions are one of the ways we grow in faith and become mature disciples.

A wonderful truth is that God has offered us a vacation every week of every year.  He said that one day a week is set aside for us to refresh and worship the Lord for His love, grace and provision.  That day is called the Sabbath.  God made it for you as a resting – worshiping day.  (Mark 2:27).

So enjoy this time of year.  Rest up.  Eat out. Relax and refresh with your families.  Most of all, thank the Lord because He loved you enough to give you this great thing called “Vacation.”


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