Our Depraved Culture Is No Surprise – Todd Stocker.com

no surprise.001Another shooting.  Another law-suit.  Another leader choosing self-preservation over sacrificial integrity.  It isn’t a stretch to find moral decay and hypocrisy throughout the fabric of our world’s culture’s.  Doesn’t it seem like it’s getting worse?

I don’t even need to dig deep into my own character to find flaws through which shines my unrighteous thoughts, words and doings. 

Yet even accursed with depravation — increasingly or not — people are people.  We always have been.  At the beginning, when you were sparked with life till the end when your eyes close, the torrent of sin’s pressure will haunt you.  Evil lives on the hair of an infant. The shadows of darkness are only a head-turn away from the light and you are easily distracted by it.  

Yet, as prevalent and deep as sin seems to be, there is one is is greater.  He is the one whose words force a raging sea to settle back into the banks of their shores.  He is the one who curbs immorality with goodness and grace.  He is the one who has overcome the void feelings of the self-serving and gives them peace.

He is Jesus, and he calms the troubled heart with his tender victory.  And that’s no surprise.  [Luke 8]


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