055: How Leaders Set The Tone [Podcast} – Todd Stocker.com

how leaders set the tone podcast.001As a Leader, you set a tone.  Is it a positive, life-giving one or does it make those who follow deflate?  How do leaders set a positive tone?


I answer a question from Tina regarding social media boundaries

Setting the tone.  First let me tell you what that means, then share a story about my wife from whom I got this idea

Setting the tone means creating the environment around you that sets a particular mood.  This is a bit morbid, but when you walk in a funeral home, what is the mood that is usually there?  Somber.  

Counter that with the tone of an amusement park like Disneyland.  Bright colors, happy music, the characters walking the streets and there’s that song… “it’s a small world!”  Again it sets a tone. 

So let me tell you about what my wife does and how it dovetails with setting the tone.

My wife is a flight attendant and sometimes is lead.  She loves it!  Not because she’s the boss.  Not because she gets to hang out in first class.   But because she sets the tone for the flight even before they leave the crew room.   

She’s professional,  fun, and makes everyone feel confident and safe.

So how does she do it and how can we learn from her? 

  • Portrays confidence physically…  Stands tall
  • She has a positive attitude.  
  • Just verbally in the tone of her voice.
  • She’s encouraging to others…  
  • She believes that others have value and can do the job.

Basically, as lead, the other attendants and by extension the passengers trust Kellie because she believes in them.  

So in your leadership situation… At home, work, church, community….  What tone are you setting?   When you walk in the room, are people uplifted or a they brought down?  Do they trust you?

You want to set a positive, life giving tone no matter what your interactions. And it starts with you.  Make sure you stay healthy physically, emotionally spiritually.  Make sure you find time to reflect and recharge.  Make sure you are learning and growing in all areas of life and this will help set a tone that is positive, energetic and leads to success.  


What do YOU think?

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