Solving Problems With Music – Todd

solving problems with music.001If you play an instrument or enjoy singing, you know the power and complexity of the art in which you create.  Notes and swells.  Rhythms and lines.  Something magic happens when melodies carry the soul to deeper understanding.

Science backs it up.  When you play, sing, write or engage in music, the art activates almost every part of your brain and you are given new insight into everyday situations. 

I stumbled upon Psalm 49:4 where the great leader David writes,

Psalm 49:4 “I listen carefully to many proverbs and solve riddles with inspiration from a harp.”

This scripture tells me that there is wisdom and power in pondering deep sayings like proverbs or healthy quotes and encourages me to use my music gift to take me to a deeper understanding. 

What are you pondering today?  Are you too busy to meditate on the deep sayings and teachings of the Master teacher?  When was the last time you used music to solve a problem or gain new understanding?

For me, Psalm 49 reminds me of what I’ve long been missing — times of wonder and ponder; times of creative solution-finding through music. 

Grab a guitar.  Give it a try.  Who knows what new understanding you’ll find dancing on the ivories of a piano.


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