061: What Are Limiting Beliefs And How Do I Overcome Them? [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

copyright GammaMindset
copyright GammaMindset

Today, our topic are these obstacles called ‘limiting beliefs’. Do you know what that term refers to? Did you know that everyone on the planet has some?

  1. Define limiting belief
  2. How to identify them in your life
  3. How to make one simple change in your language that will help break through them.

Defined:  A limiting belief is a false belief that a person acquires as a result of making an incorrect conclusion about something in life. For example, a person could acquire a limiting belief about his ability to succeed as soon as he fails. I like to think of them as making a false conclusion about something — especially yourself — when you find that you have failed at something.

How to identify them:
Because you’re dealing with belief, a good Bible verse to study is Romans 12:2

“Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.”

One great way to identify limiting beliefs in your life is to connect with a counselor if it is a deeper anxiety or medical problem.  If you just want to overcome obstacles to taking your life to the next level, try life coaching.
Click this logo for my life coaching help:
CLCcoachingLogo.001Another way is to use one word:  ‘Because’. This comes from Andy Hunt.
When you identify a gap in your life — more money, want to lose weight — and you use the word ‘because’, what follows is your belief about the gap. For example: “I can’t lose weight because I like bread too much.” True or not, “I like bread too much is a belief about something about you.
Also, limiting beliefs show up in several ways.
When you make excuses.
When you complain about things.
When you indulge in negative thoughts.
When you indulge in unhelpful habits.
When you talk to yourself in limiting and unhelpful ways.
When you jump to conclusions and/or make assumptions.
When you hesitate or express your fears.
When you worry about failure or about making mistakes.
When you worry uncontrollably for no apparent reason.
When you think about procrastinating.
When you think about indulging in perfectionism
How can you fix a limiting belief?
This may seem simple and rather trite actually.  because some limiting beliefs are deeply rooted from childhood, especially if you were you and someone told you-you won’t amount to much or you were ugly or clumsy, etc.
But there are a few ways to overcome
There’s a phrase I picked up from a little book called Peaks and Valleys.  Make reality your friend.
Ask, “What is really the reality of the situation?”
Another way to begin to overcome limiting beliefs is to ask that gap question and then ask, ‘Says who?” This is a bit like your talking about yourself.  I can’t lose weight.  Says who.  Someone else?  You?  This helps to put a face on who has or is creating the limiting belief.
Another way, Do some dreaming.
What does it look like to achieve what you want?

Most things, you should try to cast in a positive light.



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