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Believe it or not, your beliefs either releases you or limits you to accomplishing your best. Today, I examine 5 beliefs that you may hold that are keeping you from success.

On This Episode:

One of the core purposes of the Take Back Your Life Podcast is that I try to help you identify obstacles in your life that keep you from walking in your God-given purpose and taking your life to the next level.  

The more I talk with people, the more I’m realizing that most of us hold onto what are called “limiting beliefs:  

#61 – I talked about limiting beliefs – A limiting belief is a false belief that a person acquires as a result of making an incorrect conclusion about something in life.    

I read an article that stated that 87% of American workers were unsatisfied with their jobs and a percentage of that felt they were stuck in it.  

I know that feeling.  In my early 30’s, I worked for American Express and while it was a great company to work for – pay, bene’s and people – I felt like I was stuck in the job position I had.  I believed that this was all there is.  I actually had to quit in order to move forward.  I’m not suggesting that!  but while I believe that small changes yield big returns, i also know that sometimes it takes decisive action to make changes as well.  

5 beliefs that keep you from accomplishing your best: Before I go through these, and to be helpful for you, think of a time in your past or maybe right now, where you would describe your life as being stuck.

1. Belief That you can’t do it. 

This could come from a variety of experiences. Maybe you tried losing weight in the past, for example, and then Thanksgiving came along and you said, I’ll get back on track before Christmas. Then a few more pounds add on, Christmas hits and you end up saying I’ll get back on track the first of the year and you get to Jan. 19 (which is the typical date when people stop new years resolutions), before you know it, you’ve gained back the 15 pounds and added 5 more.

Then you tell yourself a story, “I tried that and I just couldn’t do it.”

It could be in your business. You got your real estate license and found out that you couldn’t handle the odd hours or the paperwork.

What happens is you begin to tell yourself the story that you can’t do it.

This negative story shows up when it comes to marriage. your first marriage failed and so you’ve told yourself this story that you’re ugly, no one will want you.

You need to change that story.

2. Belief That you don’t deserve it. 

This actually connects to the last illustration. If your marriage, or friendship or whatever, doesn’t work out, you begin to believe that self-deprecating story that says, “You’re not worth it.” You hear that from two sources: First, your own sinful side, which we all have, and also from the Devil.

Listen, I believe God has made you in an incredible way. Plus, he had his own son killed for you. That’s gotta tell you something about how much you’re worth.

Yes, there are people throughout your whole life that won’t be your biggest fans, but there are also people who are.

Now belief that you DO deserve to succeed has to be tempered with humility. You don’t want to be pushy or prideful, but you have to develop confidence.

(Read this article:  6 Actions You Can Take Every Day to Build Your Self-Confidence)

3. Belief That it’s already been done.

So of all the beliefs, this one could be the mostly true. But let me explain why this belief can be limiting.

The belief that if it’s already been done is like a needle popping a balloon. If you’re an entrepreneur, especially in the ‘inventing’ world, you know the thrill of coming up with a new idea, going through sketches and development and then the patent search, only to find a similar product has already been patented and maybe is even out on the market.

◦ For those of you who’ve never done this and want to look for patents, go to uspto.gov

What happens then is you give up. without doing more research. look at it as an opportunity to come up with something better. Think of the toothbrush. How many variations on the toothbrush are or now, the simple blade razor. Harry’s razors have taken the markets by storm!

So my answer to this limiting belief is, “Who cares if its already been done before.” It’s like saying, I’m not going to lose weight because my neighbor lost weight. You don’t strive for success to beat everyone else. That’s not success, that’s domination. Success is more personal.

What is is that YOU want to accomplish? Because I can tell you, the moment you begin focusing on others’ success is the moment your motivation goes from positive to negative.

4. Belief that it’s never been done.

This one is also partially true. There are accomplishments that haven’t been done yet…. colonizing the moon.

Roger Banister. In Oxford, England, 25-year-old medical student Roger Bannister cracks track and field’s most notorious barrier: the four-minute mile. Bannister, who was running for the Amateur Athletic Association against his alma mater, Oxford University, won the mile race with a time of 3 minutes and 59.4 seconds.

For years, so many athletes had tried and failed to run a mile in less than four minutes that people made it out to be a physical impossibility. The world record for a mile was 4 minutes and 1.3 seconds, set by Gunder Hagg of Sweden in 1945. Despite, or perhaps because of, the psychological mystique surrounding the four-minute barrier, several runners in the early 1950s dedicated themselves to being the first to cross into the three-minute zone.  Once Roger broke it, many have done so as a regular routine. 

Just because, so far as you know, it hasn’t been done before, does mean it isn’t worth a try!  

5. Belief that you’ll fail.

How many changes have you thought about making but you don’t simply because there is an element of potential failure in it? In other words, there might be risk.

Okay, ready for this, “THERE IS ALWAYS RISK”.  It is impossible to completely minimize risk when you want to make changes in your life. The key thing to do with this fear of failure is to change your mindset about it. Failure is simply information.

Listen to the post-moredom after a football game especially the team that loses. the coach talks about watching the film, learning from mistakes and making a plan to fix what didn’t work.

If you muster up enough guts to take a few steps forward and something doesn’t work, take a breath, make some changes and try again.  

“If at first you don’t succeed, tweak it before you toss it.”

So think of an area in your life right now that you’d like to improve.  I’m going to read back over the five beliefs – limiting beliefs – and pay attention to the emotional response you have to one or more of them. 

When I think about taking action, I believe 

… I can’t do it.

… I don’t deserve it.

… it’s already been done before.

… it’s never been done before.

… I will fail. 

Which one popped out?  What would happen if you stopped believing that?


What do YOU think?

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