067: How To Get Along With Everyone From Abraham Lincoln [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

All of us struggle with getting along with people. Abraham Lincoln spoke words of truth in his 2nd inaugural speech that helps us in all relationships. Today we learn what he meant when he said, “Charity for all, Malice towards none.”

On This Episode:

Today’s Quote:

“With Charity for all and malice toward none”  Abe Lincoln.

Great quote especially with all the angst in our society and personal lives today.  

There are two keywords:Charity – 

Charity.  This means the voluntary giving of help.  I try to stop for people along side the freeway if they’re stranded.  What do you do?

Malice is defined as the intention or desire to do evil; wishing ill will.  Ill will is hoping that something happens where you can say, “serves you right.”  

All of us encounter or hold ill will toward others.  

So recapping the phrase is this:

Charity to all … helping, being in a help mindset, ready to act, ready to put my wants under another’s needs.  Malice to none … wishing no evil or hardship on anyone.  

Here’s your homework.  Write that phrase on a piece of paper, “Charity for all, malice toward none.”

Put it somewhere where you are going to see it every day, preferably multiple times a day.  Maybe it’s the bathroom or in your car.  How about making it a background on your computer.  

You’ll be amazed at how often you remember that phrase and change the way you think and treat people with whom you struggle!



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