069: Christmas – What We Can Learn About Servant Leadership – Todd Stocker.com

If you’re a Christian or not, Christmas teaches us all about Servant Leadership. Today we learn from a great model who was the best servant leader ever!

On This Episode:

Today’s Quote:  “You’ll do more GOOD if you aim to SERVE more than you aim to PLEASE”. – Chris Edmonds

Most people recognize Christmas as a time when the faithful celebrate the coming of Jesus into the world.  So today, I want you to think through what Jesus did.  Even if you’re not a church-goer or spiritual, I believe Christmas is about Servant leadership.

Servant leadership is about fixing problems. 

So there are 3 basic components of fixing problems.

  1. Identify or become aware of a need
  2. A plan is set in place depending on the problem.
  3. Someone takes ownership of getting it done.  This is where servant leadership comes in.

So how does this sync up with the story of Christmas?

God identified a problem with all of humanity in that wrong-doing (or sin) caused a break in our relationship with him.  He set a plan in place of paying the price for that wrong-doing with the goal of bringing people back into a loving relationship with him.  Jesus came to pay that price,  initiating the greatest act of servant leadership in the world — dying and rising to make things right.  


At its core, servant leadership is all about the leader being a servant to the people under his watch.


What do YOU think?

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