072: 5 Steps To Develop A Your Personal Mission Statement [Podcast} – Todd Stocker.com


Do you have a personal mission statement? Do you know what one is and its benefits? We’ll talk about how to craft yours today!

On This Episode:

Today’s Quote:

What you choose today will determine who you are tomorrow. – Tim Fargo

Several years ago, I listened to Simon Seneks TED Talk “Golden Circle.” 

He talked about the What and How for companies and that they usually forget the Why of their business.  Most people do as well.  

So I began a 6-month quest to craft a personal mission statement.

Here are the 3 benefits:

  1. For me, I’ve gotten more focus on what I should be doing.  What you do flows from who you are, and if you can define who you are, you know what you should be doing.
  2. Keeps me from doing something outside my focus. I call it ‘consistent sideways energy’.  Hobbies are good, variety is good. (6 human needs).
  3. Gives me the answers to my personal frustrations.

TODD’S PERSONAL MISSION is to honor God by adding value and leadership to the lives of people around me. Through creative communication [speaking/podcasting], innovative resourcing [writing], and effective coaching [coaching], I will help facilitate positive life change in my personal relationships and throughout the world.”

So how do you do it?  First know that this takes prayer, time and thought.  

  • First, ask a big question – Who Am I?  What’s your sentence?
  • Second, write down 3-5 words that describe your core values.  
  • Third, get specific.  ask, “How do my values play out in action?”
  • Fourth, ask others, “If you were to describe me to a friend, what would you say?”  Look for overlap. That’s a confirmation that you’re on the right track.
  • Fifth, write the statement over and over.  Feel free to edit and adapt.  It takes a lot of time!


What do YOU think?

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