079: Achievement Is Only An Intersection Away [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

We’re talking about a word the is normally considered a bad word, ‘Temptation.’ But what if you can be tempted to do good? What is the definition of temptation anyway? When these two parts of temptation meet, it can be horrible or it can be great, especially when it comes to achievement!

Achievement is one of the things that makes you and I feel alive.  Think about a recent goal you achieved.  How’d you feel afterward?  Or think about after you completed a project or task.  You feel like great! 

Progress and Control are the two things that make you feel like your life is moving forward.

Keep that idea in your mind cause I’m going to take a hard left but you have to stay with me.

Achievement can also be negative.  You could achieve something that is destructive or wrong or sin (spiritually).  So the temptation to achieve — either positively or negatively — actually has the same roots.  

Let me explain.

Definition of Temptation – or rather, how temptation presents itself.

Temptation happens at the intersection of opportunity and desire.

* A man cheats on his wife with the secretary.  How’s it usually happen?  The man is working closely, innocently at the office.  neither opportunity or desire are there.

* then one night they work a bit late and go out for a drink.  is the desire there?  not necessarily, but a different level of relationship is developing.  is the opportunity there?  at that point, yes!  (maybe I should call this marriage advice :)).  

* as this different level of closeness happens, not only is he putting himself in opportunistic situations, but the desire is slowly developing.  

* now the stage is set.  

* Or you have the opportunity to sleep but no desire (Joseph and Potiphar’s wife).

It could be anything.  Stealing.  You want the $20 bill on your co-worker’s desk (desire) but there are tons of people around so there’s no opportunity.  

So when you’re being tempted to do something wrong, remove either the opportunity or the desire and you are one step farther away from making a mess of your life.  

Let’s look at the positive side.  I’m not sure it’s temptation but maybe more so motivation to do something great.  

Let’s say you want to change careers.  I’m working with a few different people now who are exploring a career move.  

You’ve become bored or stuck and so you have a desire to move on.  When you identify other opportunities, it’s only a matter of timing and logistics to then, make the move to something better!  

You may have the desire to make a career move, but let’s say you like your company but there are no promotions available (no opportunity).  Then you’re stuck or you see a job posting and there’s nothing that matches your Hardwiring or passions (desires), then you won’t make a move.  

The motivation to do something happens when desire — that’s the pain or pleasure effect — meets opportunity.  

This is really where coaching comes in.  As a life-coach, it’s been a blast watching people, who have a desire to make their lives better, financially or relationally, … it’s been fun to help them see or even create the opportunities to take a next step toward achieving their goals! 

That’s what coaching is.  It’s not counseling.  Coaching is a facilitated monolog.  As a coach, I don’t give my opinion but more so help you refine what that desire is in you (what your purpose in life is) and then, identify ways to put that into practice.  

So listen.  You have some area in your life that you’d like to make better.  For me, a few years ago, was weight loss.  Maybe its to make more money, change jobs, have a better marriage, whatever.  As a coach, I can help you no matter what your situation it is.  

So go to ChristianLeadersCoaching.com and on that first page, in the text, there is a blue button that says, “Request a FREE Strategy Call Today”  and it’ll take you to a page that explains coaching and the free strategy call. 

Then, send me a request.  I’ll get back to you within 24hours and together, we can start breaking through those obstacles — that wall — that is keeping you from living the life of your dreams!  

What do YOU think?

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