080: This Is The Most Important Day Of Your Week! [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

Research shows that there is one day of the week that is the most important if you want to accomplish your goals and feel fulfilled in life.  Do you know what day that is?

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What do you think is the most important day of your week?

Some of you would say Sunday.  For those of us who are spiritual type people, historically, at least in American Christianity, Sunday is considered a day of rest for worship and thanking God for his blessings.  

Maybe you said Saturday because it’s your day off, and you are part of the 87% of people who can’t stand their jobs.  Maybe you said Wednesday because the weekend is in sight!  

I have two answers.   

Today is the most important day.  John Maxwell’s book “Today Matters” is a must read!  

Actually, the most important day of your week is Monday!   

You might be thinking, “Monday?  I hate Mondays!”  You shouldn’t.  It’s the most important day of your week productivity wise because this is the day that actually can set the tone for the rest of your week!  Just like the first hour of your day sets the tone for the rest of the 18 hours you’re awake, Monday sets the tone for the week!   Metaphorically, Monday represents the first day of your work week.  So if you have Thursday, Fridays off, the Saturday is the first day of your work week.  So think of it that way. 

If we  can get  our Monday right,  somehow the  rest of the week  just follows.  The results will  speak for  them selves  when time  is taken  to plan  out Monday.  Whatever it  is that  we want  from the week,  it will  be so much easier  to keep  up the  good work  for the  rest of  the week  if the focus  is placed  on making  it happen  on  Monday. 

The benefit of setting up the perfect Monday has many effects.  Here are two of them

First, it creates a success plan for the week and second, it relieves stress and you get more done because you are intentionally setting up your goals for the week.

Getting  Monday right  is one  of the  most motivational  things you can do.    Make a  note of  the things  that you  would like  to do  and achieve each  Monday to  set yourself  up for  a  week of  success.   You might  like to  include diet,  exercise and  ‘me’  time as  well as professional goals  like specific  meetings or  reports that  you need  to complete.   Again,  make sure  that the plan  that you  have created  for your perfect  Monday is  achievable.     When you  are comfortable  with your  plan for  a  perfect  Monday, write it  down and  put it  somewhere where  you will  see it  regularly.   It might  be your  fridge, your diary, your bathroom mirror or all three. Make sure  you commit  to achieving  the goals  that you  have set for yourself  each  Monday  – if you  set yourself  up for  success at the beginning of  the week,  you will  find that  the rest  of the  week follows. 

I’m going to tell you how to set up your Monday which sets up your week tell you my Monday morning routine and then tell you about a cheat sheet that I use every week And actually every day!  

I use 3 apps throughout the day.



Notes app

I start with devotion, prayer writing etc.  

Then I look at my to-do list.  I’m okay if I didn’t get everything done from the week before.  

I organize what day I need to complete those and anything else I want to get done.  I have a whole process for that, just go to the show notes at toddstocker.com.  Download my free productivity cheat sheet.  



What do YOU think?

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