083: What To Do When You Run Out Of Time [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

Have you ever run out of time on a project? Have you ever run late to appointments or picking up the kids? Today, I share three things to do that can turn this potential disaster into an opportunity for success.

Doing the podcast I’m constantly asking “What can I do to add value to you, my listeners?”  Some weeks, I just run out of ideas or I just run out of time. 

I have a full-time + job.  I speak and write so my hours are limited.  

This past week, I simply ran out of time to prepare a full podcast. The reason is that at my work which takes top priority, we are going through executive level staff changes which are taking a lot of extra “real hours” and extra “energy hours”.  You know the difference, right?

Often, I can foresee it coming.  But heavier load comes out of the blue.  Next week is Holy Week and Good Friday so I’m going to pre-record the podcast.

So what do you do when you run out of time?  I just did it.

  1. Admit it.  Just be upfront about it. 
  2. Analyze it.  Ask Why.
  3. Adjust it.  Be proactive.  You probably didn’t run out of time, you ran out of priorities.

As an employer, I’d rather have my staff come to me and tell me straight up why the report or project didn’t get completed rather than making excuses and asking for extensions.   


What do YOU think?

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