A Second Birthday

I know there’s no time in heaven, but…

When you grow older and life’s responsibilities replace the magic of youth, birthdays become a day marked simply with a special dinner or a little gift. You open your Facebook page to see it glowing with red notifications that indicate that well-wishers made the massive effort to type a few characters to you in remembrance of the day.  They might have done even less by clicking the pre-made “Happy Birthday” button that hovers to the right of the posts page.

I wonder how many of those happy-birthday-have-an-awesome-day notes would be lingering on Makenzie’s Facebook? She’d be 27 today, the same age at which I went to seminary. The same age at which I was beginning a new career. The same age at which my family was complete.


For those of you who’ve lost a child, you know. You count the anniversaries with a bittersweet flip of the calendar and you wonder. “What would she be doing?” “Would she have a family?” “What would that family be doing to celebrate her birthday?”

Makenzie has already experienced what you and I will experience someday – a second birthday. I don’t have to wonder about what happened on that day. The second birthday celebration for my girl was joyous. An angel chorus. The parted clouds and Jesus with his arms open wide, squeezing my little girl saying, “Welcome home.”

That is what this day brings to my soul. My upcoming second birthday and my daughter who cut in line to prove it is all true.


What do YOU think?

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