The song, “Cool Change” by the Little River Band is dancing through my head as I hunt and peck. A favorite of mine, the key lyric for me is, “If there’s one thing in my life that’s missing, it’s the time that I spend alone.”

Maybe my soul is rehearsing that line because I’m fulfilling what it said — I’m spending time alone right now.

Pulling away, out of town, if even for a few days, is always so refreshing. It’s a “Jesus-thing.” He did it all the time. I think he needed it, just like you and just like me.

It’s not loneliness, its Solitude. And while I write much on her, I keep new things about her. Today, I’ve found Solitude as a dry man finds water. Even after a sunset and sunrise time, I am refreshed.

You need to meet her too. There is nothing but good that she brings and nothing but peace that she offers. Seek her out as Jesus did and you’ll be able to take on another day.

(Wondering how to practice Solitude? Click here.)


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