When You Vote, You Thrive

Today is mid-term election day. Because of the freedoms our country affords, millions of us will perform one of the most powerful acts a citizen can do — vote.

Some say their vote is too small — meaning, “I’m just one in a cacophony of voices, so it really doesn’t matter.”

I have a different perspective.

What if voting isn’t about trying to help your candidate win an election or adding to the energy against the other?
What if voting isn’t to force your issues or agendas.
What if the benefit of voting isn’t so your candidate can win, but it is for you to thrive?

You see, there is something powerful when we do our part to add to the greater whole. The concept is all over in nature. Trillions of individual droplets form the beautiful ocean. Thousands of single leaves, make up the stunning colors of the fall leaves. Hundreds of self-contained petals contribute to the breathtaking flower.

Merely to know we are part of an American system of election can be enough reason to vote today. And whether your candidate wins or loses, you thrive because you stepped forward and did something individually great.


What do YOU think?

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