4 Powerful Words For Church Leaders

Every year, there are a few folks who cycle off of our Board of Directors at church. These servants give of their and their family’s time to help guide the ministry of the congregation.

Last night, one of our long-standing members cycled off as president. He wrote a “final words” encouragement to the rest of use that was just brilliant. One of the eleven items was simply, but most powerfully, this:

“Always remember, it is His church, not yours.”

Leaders, let the last four words sink into your soul. Let them wrap your mind with humility and your heart with peace.

“…His church, not yours.”

My problem is the desperate grasp with which I sometimes lead — especially when my vision for a ministry, a position, or a program is hitting a wall. My tension is between wanting what I see our church being in my mind’s eye with having to wait months and years for it to materialize, if at all.

“…His church, not yours.”

God isn’t bound to my timing or my vision. I know he chuckles when I begin making plans for the next quarter of messages because he knows — and I guess, I do too — that plans change and he is at the helm of those changes.

So, leaders, remember those four brilliant words today as you deal with disrupters in your church. Mull them over as the budget looks slim and the man-power feels feeble. Remind God of those words when you feel like you want to quit and be a greeter at Walmart because he knows that if he’s put you in church-work, you are his investment into increasing his kingdom.


What do YOU think?

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