White As Snow

It’s snowing. Again.

In the upper midwest, you tend to get used to the white pounding of your house, driveway, and landscape when you enter the mid-months of winter. Mostly, in my opinion, it’s beautiful. Every branch of my leaf-naked trees is outlined in white. Every contour of my lawn is blanketed in white. Every rooftop that I can see outside my window is sporting a bonnet of the fluffy stuff.

The heavy snow-coating is peaceful, in a way. It covers a multitude of mud. When my world gets like this, I’m usually thankful. Thankful because it reminds me of God’s whitening act in life. Here’s what I mean.

There was a time in the life of the people of Israel — many times, actually — where they went through the motions in their relationship with God. They would do what was required regarding sacrifices and rituals; their “Sunday morning” activity if you will. However, their hearts and passions led them to put pride and immorality first in their lives, even when God warned that that type of experience was detrimental to them and their relationship with Him. Finally, he told the prophet, Isaiah, to point out these sins and to alert them to the dire consequences of turning from God.

After a long seventeen verse rant, God finally tells them about grace.

“Come now, let’s settle this,” says the Lord.” “Though your sins are like scarlet, I will make them as white as snow.”

Isaiah 1:18

Wait. What? God is covering the mud of their sin and the barrenness of their rejection? The ugliness scarlet of their turning away from the God who brought them out of Egypt and rescued them is be made white as snow?

Yes, that’s grace.

That’s why I love seeing the snow. Because for me, it recalls God’s great acts in my life of forgiving my many sins and pouring out his love and grace on me through his Son, Jesus. I don’t know how muddy you feel your life is right now. I don’t know if you treasure the beauty of Jesus’ gift of forgiveness or if you think it’s all just religiosity. Whatever you think about spiritual things, remember that even if you don’t love God, He loves you so much to covers your sin in a beautiful blanket of white. This winter, let the flakes remind you of God’s beauty and grace that cover even the darkest of sin in Jesus. 


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