Makenzie Still Impacts Lives Today

So this just happened. Mom and I went to refresh the flowers at the intersection at which Makenzie died. Afterward, a woman came up and said 10 years ago, she and her husband were coming home from church and came upon the accident. It was a Wednesday, June 03, 2009. They pulled into the gas station and found out that it was, in fact, a fatality.

Since then, her family had been praying for us that God would keep our hearts bound to his. She then said that 3 years ago, her own 36-year-old son passed away. Knowing that we had survived and thrived such a loss blessed them and gave them the strength to handle the storm in which they found themselves.

We had never met before — doubtful we’ll meet again. Only God could weave together the timing of this connection. Only God could’ve placed all of us at that intersection together, 10 years later. Only God could use Makenzie’s story to help someone else so many years after her homecoming.


2 thoughts on “Makenzie Still Impacts Lives Today

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  1. This intersection is a light in a chaotic world with Makenzie’s memorial. After this horrible accident, the intersection was made safer. She was a light to all and I will never forget your family and the loving force you were in our church. God is good.

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