Makenzie! Has It Really Been 10 Years?

There is a common phrase that says, “Time heals all wounds.” I appreciate the author’s sentiment. However, that phrase is unfinished, and I’ll tell you why in a bit.

10 years ago today, my “oldest” daughter (in my mind, still) and two friends were in a horrific car accident. Aaron, the driver of the car in which she rode, attempted to wake up Makenzie immediately after the broadsiding impact of an F-250 traveling at 63 miles per hour. Caitlyn, sitting behind Makenzie on the passenger side, was severely injured and was being kept alive by a young couple who saw the accident, ran to help, and were leaning into the smashed vehicle to offer aid.

Makenzie wasn’t there. Yes, her battered body lay lifeless in the front seat, slumped over the middle console, but she was already home. In an instant, she looked up from her phone and was “walking” into the front door of heaven. She’d say it wasn’t because of her fantastic talent in dance or her ability to sing like, well, an angel, but because a long time before, she turned over the keys to her heart and life to Jesus. “Life is much easier that way,” she’d chuckle.

This past decade is filled with life-change for us and thousands of others who have heard about our families journey. I’d be understating how humbling and awe-inspiring that is for me.

Many of the wounds of that event have healed, which brings me back to the opening phrase, “Time heals all wounds.” My rewrite would be this,

“Time heals all wounds, but it also leaves scars.”

Scars are reminders. The emotional scars of the sudden loss of Makenzie will always be with me. While the pain subsides, the ache is still there. I’m not grateful for them, nor do I resent them. They are just there, even after 10 years.

If you knew, my daughter, Makenzie, celebrate her, remember her. Pull out the yearbook or the Senior t-shirt that she never got to wear. Go to Jamba Juice (her favorite) or flip through the pictures. Above all, thank Jesus because Makenzie will always be in our future, not in our past.

Click here to see a message I gave about the accident on 6/2/2019.


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3 thoughts on “Makenzie! Has It Really Been 10 Years?

  1. Your words could have been better said! I remember you writing your story in I am pretty sure the Lutheran Witness. I have read your words many times since. Your words could be my words because my daughter Tammy age 19 lost her life and was missing for 6 days. We feel it was her boyfriend who took her live, but still justice has not been done, but as you know I know she went directly to Heaven:) I meant your words could not have been better said. Sorry! Blessing to you and your Family! Nancy in SD

  2. Your change of phrase is right on. Time heals/scars remain!
    Praise God our future holds those we love!
    Blessings to you and your family as you keep Mackenzie close!
    Maureen Stoffel

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