Be Where Your Feet Are

Over the past few days, at the National Youth Gathering 2019, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to interview NBA all-star Sam Dekker. Walking through his amazing story, he talks about his ups and downs personally and professionally and speaks life into student and adults alike.

When I asked what was the best piece of advice you’d ever been given, he said, “be where your feet are.” Admittedly on his part, it isn’t an original statement, but for whatever reason, that resonated with the 10,000+ attendees over the 3 sessions. As Sam and I talked privately, it also resonated with him, even more powerfully as he spoke it in the large settings.

So what does that mean, “be where your feet are?” Better asked, what could that mean?

As Sam explained it, for him, the meaning comes as a response to the feelings of worry and fear. So often we are so consumed by what others think or what’s going to happen or making the assumption that the future is going to be a dark tunnel into the abyss. “Be where your feet are” helps keep your focus on where you are now and what God is calling you to do and be at this moment.

The idea is emulated even more clearly in what Jesus says as recorded in Matthew 6:34 “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

Easy to say, hard to do?

Not really. When you constantly rehearse that you are no longer a slave to fear and that you are a child of God because of Jesus, his Holy Spirit renews your mind, strengthens your resolve, and keeps your heart content in the midst of the unknown.

God hasn’t guaranteed your future but he has redeemed your past. Live in today. Lean into the discomfort. Trust in the one who has control of your life and always remember to “be where your feet are.”



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