Face To Face, Soon Enough – Covid-19

Here we are. A few weeks into the Covid-19 quarantine. We wash more. We watch more. We are creating temporary “new normals,” and some are finding it very life-changing. We’ve taken to the screens and Zoom loves all of us right now.

One desire (or maybe hope) that bubbles through the lips of many I know is this, “I can hardly wait to see everybody again!” Covid-19 is showing us our need for community, for gathering, for being face to three-dimensional face with other human beings.

Funny enough, we in the midwest experience this every winter. For you poor souls who don’t have seasons, once the first snow falls, us northern dwellers mostly quarantine ourselves just to keep our blood circulating. Then, come spring, when the first temperature digit turns to five, our streets are full once again. Dogwalkers stop and chat in the streets. Smiles and laughs don our faces, and the joy of outside human interaction spreads faster than a – dare I say it – virus.

Soon enough, we will be whole again. We will be mobile again. We will interact more than ever because isolation breeds anticipation – the anticipation of being human again.


Published by Todd Stocker

I love my family, music, writing and the Minnesota Vikings!

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