Think About It: “You Are In A Pivot”

Everyone makes pivots in their lives. I do. You do. 

A pivot is an intentional change that leads in a different direction. Some life pivots are slow.  

  • Entering college or trade school to pivot into a new career.  
  • Making a three-year plan for retirement or job change. 

Other pivots happen more quickly.

  • Responding to a job posting within your or a different company.
  • Seeing an opportunity to move to another area of town.  

Sometimes, we enter into a pivot without our initiation. 

  • You get fired or downsized.
  • A relationship breaks apart and you are forced to figure out a new normal.  

We all engage in pivots, consciously or unconsciously. Life is full of pivots. 

What pivot are you in right now?

Is it intentional or unexpected?

Do you want to make a pivot and don’t know how?  

I’m beginning a new podcast called The PivotPreneur Podcast which will begin airing in June 2022. The purpose is to help you make pivots (changes) in your work and life in a way that is meaningful, intentional, and profitable.  

Watch for more or go to


Published by Todd Stocker

I love my family, music, writing and the Minnesota Vikings!

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