What is “Amor Fati?”

Have you ever heard of the Latin phrase “Amor Fati?” It is a mindset employed by the Stoics like Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus, and it translates as “a love of fate.” It sounds gloomy. It sounds defeatist. But the Stoics, living by this principle, would see it as one of the keys to human greatness.Continue reading “What is “Amor Fati?””

Pain For Today – Prevention For Tomorrow

The story is this. I hate sunscreen. Always have. Darting around outside as a kid, I remember trying to wipe it off, only to have it transfer from my face and shoulders to my hands which made “sandcastle building” no fun. Last week, the fifty-plus years of avoidance started to catch up to my face.Continue reading “Pain For Today – Prevention For Tomorrow”

Good Friday Isn’t Good! (Or Is It?)

Why do we call it “Good,” for goodness sake! It is the most horrific day in the history of mankind! Humans — the lowly created feeble-minded of creation — thinking that they can kill their Creator. Anathema! But we call it “Good Friday” not because it is a day for the Humans, but it isContinue reading “Good Friday Isn’t Good! (Or Is It?)”

What Is Spiritual “Novation?”

Real Estate fascinates me. It has for many years. Kellie and I have bought, sold, rented, and flipped houses as a hobby during most of our married life. Part of that whole process is understanding contract law. (I know, fascinating, right!) There is a concept in contract law called “Novation.” Novation in real estate occursContinue reading “What Is Spiritual “Novation?””

What Define’s Your Life’s Benchmarks?

Yesterday, my long-time friend, Dean Dunavan, was ordained as a pastor to God’s people at Woodbury Lutheran Church and beyond. I sat listening to the words of encouragement spoken by our District President and other brothers in the ministry. They were beautiful words of life, caution, and love. My mind drifted, as it does, toContinue reading “What Define’s Your Life’s Benchmarks?”

One Emotion God Doesn’t Have

Did you know that there is one emotion that God doesn’t have? When I tell you, you might be surprised because it is an emotion you and I encounter every day.