Sometimes You Just Gotta Enjoy The Change

One of the groovy things I get to do is to lead weddings. In fact, I am involved in one this weekend, which makes my heart full. These are pivotal moments in the lives of families, moments that are remembered and celebrated until death separates. As I ponder the mountain of adjustments that my coupleContinue reading “Sometimes You Just Gotta Enjoy The Change”

Happy Birthday Makenzie (Button-Nose)

Why do we celebrate birthdays?  For some, it is tradition. For others, it is to honor the person who, on that day, is advancing in years.  And for others, it is to remember a life well-lived.   We are a family that lives forward and not backward.  Yet, our birthday celebration today remembers one whoContinue reading “Happy Birthday Makenzie (Button-Nose)”

How Is Your Life Different? A Quick Evaluation (Covid-19)

Social distancing. Self-quarantine. Flatten the curve. These and so many other words and phrases have poked their heads out from the ground in this spring of the Covid-19 pandemic. (There’s another one). Undoubtedly, your world has changed. And as you linger into your first months of this new reality, you have an opportunity. It isContinue reading “How Is Your Life Different? A Quick Evaluation (Covid-19)”

Let Us, Do This: (Covid-19)

“Encouragement During The Pandemic” May we who are merely inconveniencedRemember those whose lives are at stake. May we who have no risk factorsRemember those most vulnerable. May we who have the luxury of working from homeRemember those who must choose between preserving their health or making their rent. May we who have the flexibility toContinue reading “Let Us, Do This: (Covid-19)”

Face To Face, Soon Enough – Covid-19

Here we are. A few weeks into the Covid-19 quarantine. We wash more. We watch more. We are creating temporary “new normals,” and some are finding it very life-changing. We’ve taken to the screens and Zoom loves all of us right now. One desire (or maybe hope) that bubbles through the lips of many IContinue reading “Face To Face, Soon Enough – Covid-19”

Be Where Your Feet Are

Over the past few days, at the National Youth Gathering 2019, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to interview NBA all-star Sam Dekker. Walking through his amazing story, he talks about his ups and downs personally and professionally and speaks life into student and adults alike. When I asked what was the best piece of adviceContinue reading “Be Where Your Feet Are”

National Youth Gathering Is A Picture Of The Authentic Church

I’m sitting in the lobby of the Hyatt on day 2 of the National Youth Gathering, waiting to serve and watching the smattering of students and adults grab their coffee in preparation for another full day. There are 25000 students and adults here. They have converged on Minneapolis to worship, grow, and serve in thisContinue reading “National Youth Gathering Is A Picture Of The Authentic Church”

Makenzie! Has It Really Been 10 Years?

There is a common phrase that says, “Time heals all wounds.” I appreciate the author’s sentiment. However, that phrase is unfinished, and I’ll tell you why in a bit. 10 years ago today, my “oldest” daughter (in my mind, still) and two friends were in a horrific car accident. Aaron, the driver of the carContinue reading “Makenzie! Has It Really Been 10 Years?”