Makenzie! Has It Really Been 10 Years?

There is a common phrase that says, “Time heals all wounds.” I appreciate the author’s sentiment. However, that phrase is unfinished, and I’ll tell you why in a bit. 10 years ago today, my “oldest” daughter (in my mind, still) and two friends were in a horrific car accident. Aaron, the driver of the carContinue reading “Makenzie! Has It Really Been 10 Years?”

Makenzie Still Impacts Lives Today

So this just happened. Mom and I went to refresh the flowers at the intersection at which Makenzie died. Afterward, a woman came up and said 10 years ago, she and her husband were coming home from church and came upon the accident. It was a Wednesday, June 03, 2009. They pulled into the gasContinue reading “Makenzie Still Impacts Lives Today”

When Leaders Gather – #bpmphx2019

Have you ever been to a leadership or work conference that said it would be one thing, but it turned out to be something different? Sometimes that’s not a great outcome. The speakers were average, the workshops were dry, and the environment failed to set a positive tone. On other occasions, the conference, as isContinue reading “When Leaders Gather – #bpmphx2019”

4 Powerful Words For Church Leaders

Every year, there are a few folks who cycle off of our Board of Directors at church. These servants give of their and their family’s time to help guide the ministry of the congregation. Last night, one of our long-standing members cycled off as president. He wrote a “final words” encouragement to the rest ofContinue reading “4 Powerful Words For Church Leaders”

When You Vote, You Thrive

Today is mid-term election day. Because of the freedoms our country affords, millions of us will perform one of the most powerful acts a citizen can do — vote. Some say their vote is too small — meaning, “I’m just one in a cacophony of voices, so it really doesn’t matter.” I have a differentContinue reading “When You Vote, You Thrive”

God Is Good In All Seasons

“So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.” Galatians 6:9 This past weekend, I spoke for the Senior Adult ministry conference from our District.  They are called S.A.G.E.S. (Saints Alive, Growing, Ever Serving). The group numberingContinue reading “God Is Good In All Seasons”

A Second Birthday

I know there’s no time in heaven, but… When you grow older and life’s responsibilities replace the magic of youth, birthdays become a day marked simply with a special dinner or a little gift. You open your Facebook page to see it glowing with red notifications that indicate that well-wishers made the massive effort toContinue reading “A Second Birthday”

089: People are People – The Muslim And Me [Podcast] – Todd

What happens when two people who are very different find themselves in a car together having a conversation.  It was a beautiful moment between a Muslim man and me.   Through strange circumstances, I met a man ten years young than me.  We talked about our kids, work, relationships and soccer.   He said heContinue reading “089: People are People – The Muslim And Me [Podcast] – Todd”

088: The Secret To Growing [Podcast] – Todd

Many people describe their lives as boring.  What if there were a way to break out of the boredom and live a wonderfully challenging life?  I’ll talk about that today. ON THIS EPISODE: “Live more, complain less. More smiles, less stress. Less hate, more blessed.” – David Roads Simply put, the secret is doing thingsContinue reading “088: The Secret To Growing [Podcast] – Todd”