Speaking Engagements

Do you know what music your child is listening to on their iPod? Are you tired of having the same arguments over their music choices? Have you ever wondered how you can help your child choose music that you approve of and that they also like? Next Tuesday, March 31st from 7:00 – 8:15pm, joinContinue reading “Speaking Engagements”

An 8-track Parent is published!

My new book, “An 8-track Parent In An Mp3 World,” is available.  Click here for more information. AMAZON REVIEW: “This book should be in every parent’s/doctor’s/educator’s resource box. If you are like me you might take “listening to music” for granted and never really thought about how you can help yourself and your child makeContinue reading “An 8-track Parent is published!”

Ike Victims Still Need Help!

BACK TO SCHOOL!  It feels strange to say that but after 9 days off from school, that’s what it seems.  For some of our students, they are just coming back today to homes that have been gutted by IKE.  They and many other still need help!    HOW DO YOU HELP?  We are doing mostContinue reading “Ike Victims Still Need Help!”

Prepping for Hurricane IKE

Within 48 hours, our Houston area is going to be hit by a huge Hurricane.  People’s priorities have drastically shifted as they prepare for what some are calling “the Whopper.”  What seemed so important yesterday pails in comparison to the potential loss of basic daily necessities:  water, food, shelter etc.    In the midst ofContinue reading “Prepping for Hurricane IKE”

My New Book Coming Soon

“AN 8-TRACK PARENT IN AN MP3 WORLD” My 13 year old son called me from a music store asking if he could buy a CD.  I was thinking he was choosing between Audio Adreneline or The Newsboys; good Christian bands.  But then he said, “Dad, which is better.  Van Halen or Deff Leopard?”  I knewContinue reading “My New Book Coming Soon”

Renewed Hope – Devoted Trust

Wow!  I just returned from facilitating a workshop for Concordia Lutheran High School in Houston.  Staff of about 50 attended and the goal was to get rejuvenated for the new 2008-09 school year.  We used their yearly theme “Renewed Hope – Devoted Trust” based on Titus 3:3-8 as our outline for the day.  Lots ofContinue reading “Renewed Hope – Devoted Trust”