A Spacious Place

Last month, Kellie and I hopped in our car, traveled across four states, and landed in Denver, Colorado. Several wonderful events were on our calendar: our son’s band played to a sold-out…

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The Invention Of You

You are an amazing invention. Of all of the billions of people who have lived in the past, live now, and might yet live, there is only one model, one serial number,…

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Makenzie’s Last Harmonys

If you know me well, you know first that my oldest daughter, Makenzie, died in a car accident in 2009. Today, she would’ve celebrated 31 years of earthly life. Part of who…

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How To Beat Procrastination

Recently I re-read Eat That Frog, a book about overcoming procrastination by Brian Tracy. One of the many stories that I recite is the story of adventurers trying to cross the Sahara Desert. The text…

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Evil Creeps

I woke this morning to the news that Russia has seized Ukraine’s (and the world’s) largest nuclear plant. Slowly, Putin’s forces are creeping across the country, devouring everything in his attempt to…

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Start Early

If you study the “greats” in most areas of life, you’ll find that one of their daily practices was to start early. There are many from all walks of life: the music…

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9/11 Remembering Toward Unity

Twenty years is a long and short time. Long for those who don’t pause to reflect, and short for those who do. If you were alive then, you can remember where you…

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Serving Toward Success

Other than in the restaurant space, we rarely use the word “Servant.” How can that mindset catapult our success?

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Love The Ebb And Flow

Lounging at the river is always life-giving to me. The rhythmic thump of the small waves on the shore almost put me to sleep. I’m sure you can hear them through these…

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Service At Panera Bread

Have you ever been served distinctively by someone outside of your home? It doesn’t have to be a big, momentous occasion. It doesn’t have to lead to your whole world changing in…

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