Books by Todd Stocker


becoming_the_fulfilled_leader“Becoming The Fulfilled Leader.”  Mike Worthington had it all.  Having built his advertising firm to be one of the top in the industry, Mike was deemed successful by all of the societal standards. But now, after neglecting key personal and professional leadership principles, his company and his life were on the verge of collapse. That is, until he met a simple janitor named Chuck. This is a story of two people who became unlikely friends and the conversations that produced fulfillment in the heart of a creative personality. To Purchase Click Here.

TS_Rosemont_Cover_3D_MURosemont.”  Forty years ago, ROSEMONT was a thriving town until a mysterious murder.  It is all turned around by a 11 year old girl who encounters tragedy, forgiveness and restoration. And it all begins in a town called ROSEMONT.  To Purchase Click Here.



break through weight loss“BreakThrough Weight Loss:  5 Proven Ways To Get And Stay Healthy Today – Book or eBook.”  All of us would like to be in better shape and feel healthier.  Todd lost 45 pounds using the methods he outlines in this book.  To Purchase Click Here.



Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 3.32.41 PM“Leading from the GUT:  3 Practice of Healthy Leaders – eBook.”  Leadership doesn’t begin with what you do but with who you are.  This eBook describes 3 practices that every leader should work on to become and healthy and long-lasting leader.  A $4.99 value for FREE!  DOWNLOAD HERE.



“The Back to School Prayer Guide – eBook”   $2.99.  Our kids are soon going back to school.  This guide helps parents pray daily for them as they prepare to go back into the classroom.  Read a sample here. or To Purchase Click Here.



“Refined – Turning Pain into Purpose.”  $7.49. We all experience loss at some point in our lives.  Whether simple or complex, the emotions can leave us wondering if there is any purpose in it at all.  As a refiner, Todd realized that the process of refining gold and silver mirrors the process of grief that ultimately reveals it’s purpose in our lives.  Read a sample here. OR To purchase Click Here.



“Dancing With God – First Year Thoughts on the Loss of My Daughter.”  $9.99.  All of us go through loss.  This incredibly emotional book chronicles the year following an accident that killed Todd’s oldest daughter.  Join him on his journey of loss as he was comforted by the Lord in amazing and powerful ways. Read a Sample Here OR To purchase Click Here. 


“Manners Matter – 10 Table Manners Every Child Should Know.” $9.99. Eating a meal together as a family can be a wonderful opportunity for building closer relationships and having fun at the same time! Our book, “Manners Matter” can help begin conversation with your youngster about proper table manners and why they are important. Click Here for more info.


“Infinite Playlists – How to have Conversations, not Conflict, with your Child about Music.” $9.99 This is a handy guide to healthy conversation between parents and kids. Writing as both father and music-lover, Todd calls parents to recognize music as a gift from God so they can help their kids determine the emotional, physical, and spiritual influences of their song choices. He offers a balanced look at the difference between Christian and secular music, and gives practical guidelines parents and kids can follow to choose appropriate music-together.  Click Here for more info.


(Cannon River Press – a Division of, Woodbury, MN 55125)

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