067: How To Get Along With Everyone From Abraham Lincoln [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

All of us struggle with getting along with people. Abraham Lincoln spoke words of truth in his 2nd inaugural speech that helps us in all relationships. Today we learn what he meant when he said, “Charity for all, Malice towards none." On This Episode: Today’s Quote: “With Charity for all and malice toward none”  Abe Lincoln.... Continue Reading →

Are You Tolerant? – Todd Stocker.com

I’m a word guy.  I like to dig down to their original meanings, references and applications within history. With the battle and ensuing confusion of clashing belief systems in politics, religion and general life choices, enter the ’T’ word — ‘Tolerance’.   I hear this word tossed around like a water balloon at a kids summer... Continue Reading →

Why I’m Choosing Ignorance – Especially Now – Todd Stocker.com

Big decision last week.  Multiples of them to be precise.  Decisions that change things.  Decision that transform.  Some would say we are progressing.  Other would say we are imploding. I wouldn’t know.  I’ve take a break from the hype and the chatter.  It has become, for me, mind numbing, provocative and crippling.  I’ve chosen a... Continue Reading →

Ah, Spring

In the midwest, spring is a wonderful season.  Birds sing, grass sprouts, flowers bud and nature confirms that it is still alive.  (Side note:  A mental picture of the movie 'Bambi' just popped into my noggin.  Disney be hailed!). What also springs to life is emotional and mental attitude.  You feel better in the spring.... Continue Reading →

Be Angry

All of us get angry. There is something that someone does or a situation that doesn’t work out that causes our faces to redden, our brows to furrow and our pulse to do backflips. There is a holy place for anger if it is spurred by the right things.

I Choose Joy

Up here, it's cold, rainy and dark.  The yellowing tree leaves pretend to be the sun but it's still rank with clouds.  Such it is transition for us Northerners from summer to winter through fall. I enjoy the change but I have to choose to do so.  I like when old and new collide into a... Continue Reading →


Perception is everything. Dogs look at their owners and say, “You love me, you shelter me, you feed me, therefore you must be God!” Cats look at their owners and say, “You love me, you shelter me, you feed me, therefore I must be God!” How is it that two people can experience the same... Continue Reading →

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