087: You Were Born For The Lake, Not The Pond [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

Most people live the ‘safe’ life. They never take risks and venture out and miss the beauty of the lake for the safety of the pond. Here are three steps to taking your life to the next level. ON THIS EPISODE: “You have to risk going too far to discover just how far you canContinue reading “087: You Were Born For The Lake, Not The Pond [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com”

086: How To Turn Chaos To Calm [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

You don’t have to look far to find that chaos is running rampant in our society and world. If you let it get to you, it will hinder your success and ruin your outlook on life. Today, I talk about one powerful key making sure you can stay calm in the midst of chaos. ONContinue reading “086: How To Turn Chaos To Calm [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com”

085: The Power Of Trust In Conversations And How To Build It [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

Have you ever been talking with someone and intuitively, you know their mind is somewhere else? Maybe it’s their eyes peering over your shoulder or something they say that doesn’t fit the current conversation? It’s irritating. Today, I share how to NOT be THAT person. On This Episode: Quote of the day: “Engagement builds trust”Continue reading “085: The Power Of Trust In Conversations And How To Build It [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com”

084: What Voices Are You Listening To? [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

All of us have messages, or ‘voices’, coming at us from all different directions. Which voice you chose to listen to will directly affect your ability to move forward, your self-perception and your success. Today, I talk about the different places from which you hear ‘voices’ and how to chose which ones to listen to.Continue reading “084: What Voices Are You Listening To? [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com”

083: What To Do When You Run Out Of Time [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com

Have you ever run out of time on a project? Have you ever run late to appointments or picking up the kids? Today, I share three things to do that can turn this potential disaster into an opportunity for success. Doing the podcast I’m constantly asking “What can I do to add value to you,Continue reading “083: What To Do When You Run Out Of Time [Podcast] – Todd Stocker.com”

What Do You Want? – Todd Stocker.com

“Though good advice lies deep within the heart, a person with understanding will draw it out.” Proverbs 20:5 NLT I love that Jesus’ main tool of teaching was asking questions.  Here you have the master of the universe, the creator, and knower of all things, asking finite people questions to teach them about life, about God andContinue reading “What Do You Want? – Todd Stocker.com”

Connect or Die! – Todd Stocker.com

I was at the great Minnesota get together (a.k.a. state fair), enjoying the gobs of people, the explosion of aromas and the onslaught of visual colors that make this event such a great celebration.  With my closest friends, we ate everything from Reuben bites and fried pickles to cheese curds and thick malts.  As weContinue reading “Connect or Die! – Todd Stocker.com”

Solving Problems With Music – Todd Stocker.com

If you play an instrument or enjoy singing, you know the power and complexity of the art in which you create.  Notes and swells.  Rhythms and lines.  Something magic happens when melodies carry the soul to deeper understanding. Science backs it up.  When you play, sing, write or engage in music, the art activates almostContinue reading “Solving Problems With Music – Todd Stocker.com”

Crisis America: How Should Jesus People Respond? – Todd Stocker.com

“Hi church,  Pastor Todd here. I feel I need to take some time to address what has happened and is happening in  our country. Like you, I’ve been watching the recent events unfold over the last year and specifically over the last few weeks and I have to tell you, I’m emotionally exhausted. I hearContinue reading “Crisis America: How Should Jesus People Respond? – Todd Stocker.com”

Our Depraved Culture Is No Surprise – Todd Stocker.com

Another shooting.  Another law-suit.  Another leader choosing self-preservation over sacrificial integrity.  It isn’t a stretch to find moral decay and hypocrisy throughout the fabric of our world’s culture’s.  Doesn’t it seem like it’s getting worse? I don’t even need to dig deep into my own character to find flaws through which shines my unrighteous thoughts,Continue reading “Our Depraved Culture Is No Surprise – Todd Stocker.com”

Liberty To Love – Todd Stocker.com

I’m a patriot at heart.  I love the celebrations that honor our military, our leadership and our country.  Some call me soft, but it doesn’t take long for a tear to push its way out of my eye when our national anthem plays or our flag flies.   Part of my patriotism is rooted in the word Liberty.  Defined, LibertyContinue reading “Liberty To Love – Todd Stocker.com”

Why I Feel Institutionalized – Todd Stocker.com

‘Institution’ isn’t a popular word.  Over its life-time, the lettering has gone from a simple description of something organized to something being restrictive.  In fact, the idea of marriage as ‘institution’ repulses many in growing generations because of the seeming restrictions of the commitment between one man and one woman, as God intended that relationship toContinue reading “Why I Feel Institutionalized – Todd Stocker.com”

Grace In The Tragedies Of Florida – Todd Stocker.com

True or False: “God won’t give you more than you can handle.” False. Ask the parents of the assassinated singer. Ask the friend of a massacred party-goer. Ask the dad of a two year old, pulled out of sight by a scaly seven foot reptile at Disney.  Tragedy upon tragedy.  This life is full of them.  YouContinue reading “Grace In The Tragedies Of Florida – Todd Stocker.com”

The Predictably Unpredictable Storm – Todd Stocker.com

I don’t know where you live and I don’t know the climate that overtakes you.  I’ve lived in areas that have two seasons:  hot and hotter.  I’ve also lived in parts that cycle through all four seasons seemingly every week.  But one thing is common:  storms happen.  Sometimes, they peak their nose over the horizonContinue reading “The Predictably Unpredictable Storm – Todd Stocker.com”

Seven Years Afloat: Makenzie Home-going Anniversary – Todd Stocker.com

Seven years ago, I thought my anchor gave way.  My life’s-boat was set a drift in a storm called “the death of a child” when my oldest daughter, Makenzie, was killed in traffic accident. Yet what I found was my anchor was more secure than ever.  The pain, the grief, the emptiness and the heartbreak wereContinue reading “Seven Years Afloat: Makenzie Home-going Anniversary – Todd Stocker.com”