Our Depraved Culture Is No Surprise – Todd Stocker.com

Another shooting.  Another law-suit.  Another leader choosing self-preservation over sacrificial integrity.  It isn’t a stretch to find moral decay and hypocrisy throughout the fabric of our world’s culture’s.  Doesn’t it seem like it’s getting worse? I don’t even need to dig deep into my own character to find flaws through which shines my unrighteous thoughts,... Continue Reading →

Seven Years Afloat: Makenzie Home-going Anniversary – Todd Stocker.com

Seven years ago, I thought my anchor gave way.  My life’s-boat was set a drift in a storm called “the death of a child” when my oldest daughter, Makenzie, was killed in traffic accident. Yet what I found was my anchor was more secure than ever.  The pain, the grief, the emptiness and the heartbreak were... Continue Reading →

Are You Jumping? – Todd Stocker.com

"Don’t jump to conclusions—there may be a perfectly good explanation for what you just saw." Proverbs 25:8 I like my early mornings.  Before the sun crawls above the horizon, I’m normally in my place reading, praying, reflecting and writing.  Usually it is a peaceful, refreshing time but not this morning.  Because of my reading, I have been... Continue Reading →

How Your Life Is Like The Super Bowl – Todd Stocker.com

Super Bowl Sunday.  It’s a national holiday, of sorts.  Two teams, having battled for months to conquer other foes, now stand at the last epic battle that for many will be marked with pain, adrenaline, defeat and victory.  I’m always impressed at the teams that make it to the big game.  This year, one seems to... Continue Reading →

73 Seconds. Live Every Moment. – Todd Stocker.com

I lived in Houston for a few wonderful yet short years.  Specifically, I served a ministry that was right across the street for the Johnson Space Center near Nassau Bay and fell in love with the community and people who worked for NASA.  Many of their astronauts, engineers and support personal attended our church and through... Continue Reading →

The Red Sea Principle: 4 Ways Leaders Get Freed – Todd Stocker.com

Have you ever felt trapped?  I mean, really trapped.  The bills are coming due and you’re moneyless.  The child’s behavior problem is out of control and you’re desperate.  The spouse’s distance is wider than the Grand Canyon and you’re depressed.  You team has no idea how to solve the glitch in the program.  You’re trapped. ... Continue Reading →

What Decorates Your Life? – Todd Stocker.com

It’s early in the morning and my view is an elegant one.  Our simple Christmas tree, with small white lights and history-telling ornaments, stands in its ‘once-a-year’ place in front of our living room window.  Presents have begun to appear underneath its green branches and transparent red ribbons stream from Star to stump. Decorations are... Continue Reading →

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